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Jewelry Showcases

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DX-003 High End Jewelry Showcase

DX-003 High End Jewelry Showcase
DX-003 High End Jewelry Showcase DX-003 High End Jewelry Showcase DX-003 High End Jewelry Showcase
  • Size:120L*55W*95H (cm)
  • Processing:plating, fine polishing, hairline pattern
  • Specification:10mm super clear tempered glass; 2.0 mm stainless steel Import LED light fixture, aluminum substrate LED light bar, LED spot light


Name: High End Jewelry Showcase

Material: Stainless steel, Stalinize glass, LED light, leather, wood, etc.

Production process: Electro-facing, bronze drawbench, semi manual machinery

Design: custom made jewelry display counter, main part is made of E1 class stainless steel, B1 class plywood, through professional cut, perfectly built, which perfectly suits for displaying jewelry products like pearl, diamond and so on.

Usage: jewelry store, jewelry exhibition hall, square, etc.

Price: Negotialble

Heads-up: OEM/ODM are welcomed, 20-25days.

Maintenance: Avoiding over-time exposure, keeping the surface of the steel and glass in a good condition, and do some regular check and maintenance.


High End Jewelry Showcase

High End Jewelry Showcase

We have many years experience in designing and manufacturing display counter, which is suit for displaying jewelry, perfume, luxury articles, and watches, gold, jade, cosmetics, etc. Professional team provides you best service, send us your requirements, design paper, and logo, we will return you perfect products right on time.

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